The Master 2 "Le Quanti", created in 1986, is a flagship program of Grenoble IAE which enjoys a strong reputation and a very good image among market research professionals. The Master 2 "Le Quanti: Research and Data Intelligence in Marketing" is its latest evolution. It aims to train specialists in marketing and data analysis, rapidly functional and highly adaptable in all the jobs that make up the market research sector. It now includes an academic research-focused option, an evolution of the current M2 program "Advanced Marketing Research".

The "Le Quanti: Research and Data Intelligence in Marketing" is aimed, on the one hand, at students who wish to acquire the skills, knowledge and experience specific to the job of market research manager, and on the other hand, in its ARM option, at those who wish to continue their studies with a view to obtaining a PhD and aiming for an academic career. The first semester is common to both profiles. The second semester is then organized into a career path and a research path.

Professional track

The program is renowned among the practitioners of the sector and is labelled by Syntec Conseil in particular because graduates are not only immediately operational but also capable of adapting to changes in the profession and quickly taking on responsibilities. This recognition translates into a rate of job integration which, in some years, reaches 100% in just a few weeks.


  • A teaching team that includes more than 20 market research practitioners, coming mainly from the largest market research companies. They are in charge of half of the teaching hours, mainly in the form of conferences. The other half is taught by recognized academics in marketing, consumer behavior and research methods.
  • Immersion in practice throughout the program (frequent and multifaceted interactions with research institutes and brands, reflection on real-life cases, work on projects entrusted by partner companies, 6-month internship, etc.) that enhances the skills expected by the market
  • A curriculum that is constantly improving thanks to an advisory board that is comprised of market research practitioners and academics, in order to adapt to a fast moving sector.
  • An innovative and active pedagogy based mainly on group projects and case studies
  • More Internship offers than the number of students. In the largest research companies (IPSOS, BVA, KANTAR, etc.) students are more often than not offered a job before the end of their internship (up to 85% in the best years)
  • Curriculum fully taught in English to a multicultural group.
  • Training certified by Syntec Conseil since February 2015

External speakers

Numerous practitioners from research institutes and leading companies participate to a large extent in the program by not only giving one-off lectures, but also by taking responsibility for whole courses. In the end, they account for nearly half of the teaching hours provided.

They thus provide students with hands-on knowledge of the most advanced research methods and pass on the experience acquired by the leading companies in this sector: GfK, Kantar, BVA, IPSOS, but also SANOFI Pasteur, Lactalis or L'Oréal. More than 20 of them teach in this program every year. Many of these lecturers are “Le Quanti” alumni.

The job opportunities

Mainly in the research sector: quantitative and/or qualitative research executive/director for market or media research companies (75%).

But also product manager, brand manager, marketing director, market manager, (15%) and, more recently, project manager and other positions in digital marketing (10%).

Graduates of this program are or have been present in the largest research and consulting firms, ad-hoc or panel companies, mainly in Paris and Lyon in France or internationally (for example GfK, TNS Sofres, ACNielsen, CSA, IRI, MetrixLab, IPSOS, BVA Group, Kantar, IFOP, Repères, Strategir, Enov, Côté Clients), as well as with major corporations (for example, L'Oréal, Sanofi Pasteur International, Danone, Lactalis, Teisseire, Pepsico, Nestlé). Others have chosen to create their own structure (Quantitude, etc.).

Research track

This track is an evolution of the former “Advanced Research in Marketing” Master’s program. It proposes training in research techniques and methods, as well as in-depth theoretical knowledge in marketing. Heavily focused on research methodology and the development of advanced scientific knowledge in marketing, it guarantees the acquisition of an excellent understanding of the research process and a high level of specialized knowledge in marketing. The doctoral program at the Grenoble Doctoral School in Management Sciences (EDSG) is a logical next step for students who wish to obtain a PhD in marketing.


Training in high-level research exclusively focused on marketing

The "Advanced Research in Marketing” track offers excellent training in research through a two-stage pedagogical strategy. The first semester, common to both tracks, focuses on method (Quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, text mining, R and Python programming…) and implementation of a research project. The second semester is then differentiated and the research track offers research seminars where students learn how to read and analyze scientific articles, write review papers, and identify innovative and promising research subjects. This translates into the writing and defense of a research-based Master’s thesis, the core component of the program. The Master’s thesis provides students wishing to pursue in a PhD program with the opportunity to test their skills and motivations. Indeed, the process of choosing a subject and a supervisor for the dissertation is comparable to that used for a doctoral thesis.

This track also helps students acquire cutting-edge scientific knowledge in marketing, in particular via the study and analysis of the scientific literature. The program is designed to encourage students to enrich their understanding of marketing concepts and underlying theories through articles published in the best international scientific journals. This perspective aims at developing a true expertise and a critical vision of the marketing field. Such an expertise in marketing is also an outstanding skill for those who are not interested in a PhD and rather wish to target a career in marketing consulting or to prepare for the competitive examinations granting access to secondary education teaching (French CAPET or Agrégation).

A stimulating “flipped classroom” approach to develop critical thinking and synthesis skills

The "Advanced Research in Marketing” track relies heavily on an innovative “learning by doing” approach, in which students develop skills and knowledge in marketing through personal homework then group discussions in class. Theoretical concepts and research methods are researched, analyzed and discussed. Students learn to make sense of this knowledge and enrich it with their own work to prepare for the “Grand Oral” (final synthetic oral exam). In other words advancement of knowledge is the student’s role, the teacher being only a catalyst of ideas. If necessary, he or she sheds light on the specific achievements of the sessions. This is a very demanding, but at the same time exciting and enriching, approach. It helps to improve students' analytical and synthesizing abilities, as well as their critical thinking skills. These skills are particularly sought-after by marketing consulting firms. On the methodological side, the many research projects carried out lead students to develop their personal organization skills, reactivity, as well as the ability to work under strict time constraints and in teams.

An experienced and high-quality faculty staff

The teaching staff of the ARM track is very experienced. In total, they have published hundreds of scientific articles, edited numerous books and supervised dozens of doctoral theses. Their expertise and know-how in these domains enable them to provide students with a fine understanding of what research in Marketing is and what it takes to build a career in academia, beginning with the writing of their Master’s thesis. Some members of staff also have or have had editorial responsibilities and play a central role in the French Marketing Association.

Facilitated access to the Doctoral School in Management Sciences

When students meet all the requirements (that is being awarded excellent academic records including at least 12/20 for their Master’s thesis and securing supervision of their doctoral dissertation with a professor of the team), the ARM track allows them to have direct access to University Grenoble-Alpes Doctoral School in Management Sciences (EDSG). Gathering about 70 students, this doctoral (PhD) program provides complementary training in research over the three years of the writing of a doctoral dissertation, whose defense leads to the degree of Doctor in Management Sciences.

To complete a PhD, it is highly recommended to be funded. There are many possibilities in Grenoble, but obtaining funding is never easy and is by no means guaranteed. It is first and foremost up to the students to do their utmost to identify and apply for possible funding. Thesis supervisors are only there to help identify potential fundings and improve applications. Among these possible sources of funding, EDSG allocates 2 to 3 scholarships every year to management science students. ARM students regularly receive one of these scholarships.

For all students

Enviable working and living facilities

  • Modern, well-equipped, buildings especially in IT resources (hardware and diverse data analysis software), within Grenoble IAE School of Management.
  • An access to bibliographic databases facilitating research work and the presence of a library specialized in the different areas of management sciences within Grenoble IAE School of Management.
  • A very rich on-campus student life, in an exceptional landscape, enabling the practice of a variety of sports, obviously including winter sports and a whole range of outdoor activities
  • Many student clubs livening everyday student life.

This program is for you...

Students with four years of higher education and 240 valid ECTS credits, preferably with a basic training in marketing / management (master 1, business schools, management schools, etc.), are allowed to apply. The “Quanti: Research and Data Intelligence in Marketing” program is also open to students with very different profiles (engineering schools, agronomy, medical studies, political studies, psychology, sociology, applied foreign languages, etc.) provided that they show a strong interest and motivation for marketing, coming either from a first practical experience (internship, study project, summer job...), or from an option followed in the previous curriculum.

Finally, as the program is taught entirely in English, alongside with French students, international students are very much welcome. However, please be aware that recruitment conditions and tuition fees, according to rules that do not depend on the Master's degree, can be very different from one country to another.