DBA - Doctorate in Business Administration


The Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) is designed for senior managers who wish to develop and acquire high level skills through rigorous doctoral research in management and business administration.


Over the three-year program, managers carry out research that, in the majority of cases, focuses directly on their respective companies. Businesses thus benefit from research led by managers and by working with international academics in a challenging and supportive research community. In return, managers enrolled in the program can produce and develop innovative ideas as well as use analytical tools within the framework of their career. This unique research-action role can be compared to the mission of a consultant, benefiting from an additional conceptual and academic perspective.

Program Content

The Doctorate in Business Administration is a three-year, part-time program designed to fit within the schedule of full-time professionals. The courses are organized in blocked seminars so that participants can continue their employment while pursuing their degree. The program is structured around two consecutive periods. The first period lasts 12 months during which students follow 9 methodological research seminars and prepare their thesis project. After validation of the thesis project by a jury, the PhD students start a second period of 24 months during which they carry out their research and write their thesis which is defended before an academic jury.
Published on  February 16, 2022
Updated on April 25, 2022