Bachelor in Management - English track


The Grenoble IAE's Bachelor in Management - English track course is delivered on the Grenoble campus only.

Its purpose is to enable students to acquire and strengthen fundamental skills in management and to prepare them for further study in a master's degree programme in France or abroad as well as take generalist management positions.

An EFMD Accredited programme

Grenoble IAE's Bachelor in Management degree programme is the only French university management degree to be accredited EFMD-Bachelor. This accreditation means that it has received recognition from one of the largest networks of business schools in the world, the EFMD: European Foundation for Management Development 

A clear international focus

Grenoble IAE's Bachelor in Management is unique in its resolutely international focus and exposure. All courses are taught in English and mix international and French students. The opportunity to learn a second language is offered (such as French as a foreign language, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, etc.). In addition, students have to complete a compulsory stay abroad for 3 to 6 months in the second semester. They can choose between studying abroad in a foreign partner university or carrying out an internship in an international organization. All students must select a country other than their country of origin for the international mobility stay.

Open to a variety of profiles

The course has been designed as a one-year top-up degree intended for students of any nationality who have already completed 120 ECTS credits in a course of studies related in part or in full to the field of business, management or economics and have achieved a B2 level of English on the CEFR.

Eligible degrees for Admission

The Bachelor in Management – English track is open to students from a variety of profiles:
  • Accepted French courses or degrees:
    • L2 in Management or Economics-Management
    • DUT - or second year of BUT - GEA, TC or GACO
    • Classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles (CPGE).
  • Any other equivalent course of study leading to 120 ECTS credits that has been partly or wholly devoted to management courses. For example: Licence 2 AES, BTS tertiaires, DUT (or second year of BUT) Info-com, Carrières Juridiques, Info, STID...
  • Any 120-ECTS-credit European degree or successfully completed 2-year course related in part or in full to the field of business, management or economics
  • Any successfully completed international 2-year degree leading to an equivalent of 120 ETCS credits and related in part or in full to the field of business, management or economics.

Key Strengths

  • An international focus and exposure - fully taught in English, compulsory stay-abroad, international mix of students, second language courses
  • An orientation towards innovation and entrepreneurship – creativity-based projects, managerial innovation project
  • A student-centred pedagogy –small classes, group projects, individual follow-up, strong ties with businesses.

Programme of courses

The Bachelor in Management – English track is essentially a generalist degree granting an overview of the fundamentals in management.

The programme of courses covers all aspects of management from a technical perspective as well as a more conceptual approach and aims at developing both an open-mind and the curiosity and reflective capabilities that are essential in high-level managerial positions.

Students of the English track are mixed with French and international students from the other specialized tracks of the L3 Management programme.

Students enrolled in the English Track may opt for dual enrolment in the BIBM by taking supplementary course modules entirely in English, so as to acquire additional skills in international business: international finance, trade, etc. Students selecting the dual enrolment will only be able to carry out their stay abroad in the 2nd semester in the form of an internship.

Semester 1 programme

Semester 1 programme
Details of courses in the English track and other tracks of the L3 Management programme
English track

Semester 2 programme

Semester 2
International experience
It should be noted that following successful completion of the English track, students do not have a direct and guaranteed access to any of the specialized Master’s degree of Grenoble IAE but will need to go through to normal admission. A B2 level of French is required for admission in any of Grenoble IAE Master 1 degrees.

Studies and career opportunities

The Bachelor in Management is first and foremost a course to prepare you to pursue your academic studies at Master level.

However, it allows successful graduates to integrate a variety of managerial positions and functions in France or abroad thanks to the managerial skills they acquired and the professional and/or international experience they gained.
Published on  April 9, 2021
Updated on September 14, 2022