Degree Seeking Students

Grenoble IAE offers a wide range of practice oriented programmes in the field of management and educates them for a variety of positions. 73 faculty members along with 500 practitioners prepare them for their roles as responsible and engaged decision-makers able to evolve in an intercultural and ever-changing environment.

Grenoble IAE offers an attractive portfolio of programmes, from Bachelor's degree to Master's degree, in a multicultural and international setting that enables each student to find a programme suited to his or her professional project and therefore to reveal and connect his or her talents.

General Bachelor's degree

Professional Bachelor's Degree

  • Insurance, Banking & Finance : account manager
  • Commerce and Distribution (Distrisup)
  • Hospitality and Restauration Management

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Master's Degree

  • Accountancy, Controlling and Auditing
  • Controlling and Auditing
  • Design of Transitions
  • Entrepreneurship and Project Management
  • Finance
  • Human Ressources Management
  • Management and Business Administration
  • Management of Information Systems
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Production, Logistics and Purchasing Management
  • Public Management

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Master's Degree Programmes taught in English

Published on  July 13, 2017
Updated on December 14, 2022