Offshore programs

formations internationales délocalisées Grenoble IAE
As part of its internationalization, Grenoble IAE, in collaboration with international partners, offers some of its programs in the form of offshore programs. The majority of these courses are held in the partner university’s country. However, some programs include a stay in Grenoble IAE, which can last from one week to several months.
After completion of the program, in which at least 60% of the classes are taught by Grenoble IAE, the student obtains a degree from his home university and/or from Grenoble IAE-Université Grenoble Alpes, depending on the type of partnership between his home university and Grenoble IAE.

Our offshore programs offer:

We also offer international programs : 
Published on  April 4, 2018
Updated on September 14, 2022