The testimonial mobility internship from Margaux

Pays-Bas - La Haye - Avril-juin 2018

The company

" I was an intern in INTERGREEN. The company is part of the DUTCH FLOWER GROUP, the world leader in cut flowers. INTERGREEN sells cut flowers, bouquets and plants to a single client TESCO (essentially in the UK). About 150 people are working in the headquarters in Honselersdijk, Netherlands. My colleagues used Dutch as main language with each other, but as they are dealing with the UK, English was also very used in the company. The salary for an intern is about 350 € per month, and there is a cafeteria for lunch where employees can buy their food for a low price. It is possible to park a car in front of the building for free (because the area where the company is located is not well served by public transport). "

My internship search

" I was very lucky during my internship search. At the beginning, I was looking for an internship in London, but I realized that living there was too expensive, so I decided to move my search to the Netherlands, a beautiful and peaceful country. I sent spontaneous applications to several companies but I did not receive a lot of answers (or only negative ones). Then, I found my internship thanks to my network and contacts: I told everyone I know that I was looking for an internship abroad and I had this opportunity. I had an interview with the marketing director and he accepted me. "

My tasks

" I was a marketing intern. Because the company essentially deals with Tesco UK, Brexit was a very important topic, which can change the business a lot. Thus, during my internship I had to work on the impact of Brexit from a consumer point of view. I also had to draw some scenarios around the final Brexit conditions (Hard Brexit / Soft Brexit / No Brexit). I had one main task, which sometimes was a bit difficult because I felt like doing the same thing all the time (everything I did was linked to Brexit). My manager was very implicated with me. We planned a trip to the UK to visit stores and the factory the company has in Newport. I also met some colleagues working in the UK on the consumer behavior and needs. "

Extra professional activities

" During my free time, I visited the city of Den Haag : neighborhoods, monuments (Binnenhof, Palais Noordeinde…), museums (Madurodam, Mauritshuism, Gemeentemuseum…), parks (Japaneese Garden)… I went to the beach which was 10 minutes away from my house (Scheveningen). I also travelled in other cities of the country, especially in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Apeldoorn and Delft, where I discovered other architectures, museums, parks… "
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