The testimonial mobility internship from Joseph

Irlande - Cork - Avril-Juin 2018

The company

Wavebreak Media
"Wavebreak Media is a producer of video footage, 3D animation, photos and after effects projects for the international stock media industry. Its clients are the world market leaders in the distribution of media content such as Istock, Shutterstock, Fotolia, National Geographic and Corbis Motion. There are in this company over 30 full-time and part-time employees in the offices in Cork, Cape town, South Africa and Poland. The team covers all areas of the business from research, video and photography production, post production, animation, It and Content and Partner Relations departments."

My internship search

"Thanks to the Grenoble IAE’s network I found my internship easily."

My tasks

"During my internship I was in the Content and Partner Relation Department. I worked for the manager of this department. First, I selected the best pictures uploaded by people on Pik Wizard’s website. Next, I attached model releases with Wavebreak Media photo which are stocked in its database. Then, I added description, keywords and a title to the picture which didn’t have these informations. Finally, I helped the Art director to find new ideas for the shootings. Moreover, I helped my manager to establish a document which had all the new photos’ trends of each distributor like Adobe Stock. Finally, I checked the submission of the contents and followed the process of sending content to customers. To conclude, it was interesting to discover a company which creates multimedia contents and sales it to the online distributors leaders over the world. However, some of my tasks could be boring and repetitive."

Extra professional activities

"During my week-ends, I had the opportunity to visit the country with co-workers using a specialized travel agency. For example, I visited the ring of Kerry and its wonderful landscapes. Moreover, there are some places to visit in Cork. I had the opportunity to visit the University College of Cork. It is an old university which looks like the school in Harry Potter. It is easy to visit Ireland because of its small size."
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