Le témoignage de Mathilde : destination Hongrie

Metropolitan University of Budapest - Budapest
International, Vie étudiante
[Février - Juin 2019]


The Budapest Metropolitan University campus is approximately 20 minutes by metro from the city center. You just have to take line 2 and walk 5 minutes to get there. During the first day, they organized an “orientation day” to discover the buildings. And a few days later they organized a “welcome day” to meet the other Erasmus students.


When you arrive, you can find 2 buildings, a circular one and a normal one. In it, there is the student information centre, the International Relations office (for Erasmus). They are always there if you need help. Inside, you can eat at the cafeteria and study in the library. When the weather is good, they put chairs and tables outside to study in the sun.


I chose courses from my 1st semester like Corporate Finance, Economic Communication and Marketing. But also some new courses such as: International Hotel and Hospitality Management. This course allowed me to deal with the various ways of running a hotel business in depth that is a huge part of tourism in the world. But also to learn how a hotel operates and the role of hotels in the tourism industry.
Basic Media Studies: The goal of this course was to give us an introduction to media ethics, the role that the media currently plays in our social lives and the impact of media on mentality.
Communication II: This course introduced students to the history of communication research and mass media both in Hungary and internationally. So I learnt a lot about the history of communication in Hungary.
Service Design and Development: this course covered principles, approaches and processes that allow service providers to create services.
Businesses need a better understanding of what customers may want and how those needs can be fulfilled.


Budapest is a very dynamic city with a lot of international students. You can always find activities in both winter and summer. With the central position of Hungary, you can easily travel around Europe (Prague, Bratislava, Croatia.)
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