Le témoignage de Marc, Clément et Célie : destination Suède

Kristianstad- Sweden
International, Vie étudiante


Because of the coronavirus, we did not have classes physically in the university. The university is about a 25-minute walk from the center of Kristianstad and can be reached by bus. The campus has a nice library where it is possible to find and borrow the books required by the different courses (be careful, there are not many). The campus is very nice with old buildings as we can see on the picture. 


We took courses in Strategic Management, International Marketing and Retail Management, Business Ethics and Swedish Culture. Because of Covid, all the courses we took were distance learning. There are not so many hours of classes per week but there is a lot of personal work to do. The courses are interesting and accessible, the majority of the teachers are available and friendly. Most courses have graded assignments, oral presentations and an exam at the end of the course. If you fail an exam, you can retake it to change your grade.

Kristianstad University normally organizes activities for exchange students, but due to Covid, there were none this semester. However, a welcome meal was offered as well as the discovery of "FIKA" (coffee and cakes). The staff responsible for the exchange students is very welcoming and available to answer our questions and help us if needed.  


Go to Lapland and see the Northern Lights. Moreover, there are great hikes to do, parks to visit...We did several road trips around the country and we rented airbnb in the countryside or in the centre of the biggest cities like Gothenburg or Stockholm. I advise the next students to do the same thing as I loved it. We went in groups of 5-7 people, rented one or two cars (or a van) and it was not very expensive.


The cost of living was higher in Sweden than in France. Alcohol is very expensive. To buy alcohol you have to go to a specialised shop and be at least 20 to buy it. Our accommodation was a converted prison. It allowed me to be with a lot of international students and to stay in a fun atmosphere. The kitchens were not very clean. However, I would definitely recommend staying there. 
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