Le témoignage de Lucas & Manon : destination Allemagne

Münster - Germany
International, Vie étudiante


For the summer semester 2021, FH Munster Business courses were carried out completely online, including the exams. We are unable to describe or give an opinion on the school since we did not go there during the semester. However, we lived in a student residence which allowed us to meet international students (Italians, Spanish, South Americans, Germans...). We strongly recommend applying for the residence: "Wilhelmskamp" as soon as possible because there is not enough room for everyone and it contributes strongly to the integration with other foreign students (or not) in Münster. 


We were in the MSB section, which is the Business and Administration section. We had classes only in the morning, which left us a lot of time for tourist activities, sports or relaxation. The Germans speak English perfectly and you will have no trouble understanding them (which was my fear at first). We found courses easier than in France, most of the exams are group work and don't require a lot of revision at the end of the semester, however you will still need time at the end of the semester for some time-consuming projects. We had a volleyball court at the bottom of the residence and a small sports complex a little further down the road, and we also went several times a week to the famous Aasee, the unmissable lake in Münster. You are really free to move around since your registration at the university allows you to take all the public transport in the region for free, which is a great advantage for someone who wants to see the country without breaking the bank. For shorter trips, we rented a bike for the semester, Münster is the city of the bike, it's the best way to get around. What makes Münster an attractive destination is also the fact that the country is in the middle of Europe and the savings you make on a daily basis will allow you to travel. We were able to travel to the Netherlands (4 times because it was free), to Berlin, to Poland, to Italy, to Finland... in short we couldn't have dreamt of a better Erasmus trip. 


Residence Life
The quality of the courses
The cost of living
Travel opportunities


No mountains, a bit sad for the real Grenoble people :)
Stricter covid restrictions than elsewhere
Weather a bit gloomy compared to what we are used to in France
Very little learning of German because a lot of time spent with foreigners and Germans love to talk to you in English to practice 
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