Le témoignage de Louane : destination Suède

Högskolan Kristianstad - Sweden
International, Vie étudiante


The campus is very large. Fortunately when we arrived we each had a guide that enabled us to quickly get our bearings on the university site. There is a free library in the centre of the campus where we have almost all the literature we need in class and work rooms for group work before oral presentations, for example. You just have to reserve a room a little in advance. Each mini-room has a television set so that you can preoganise your presentation. In the same building there is also a cafeteria (be careful, the prices are quite expensive) where you can meet for lunch. Otherwise the campus itself is in a Nordic style but the interior is very modern, which is quite pleasant to work in.


The courses we had were Marketing and Retail Management, Strategic Management, Strategy Innovation and Product Development, Business Ethics (Mathis)/ Louanne. The courses were period-based, i.e. we started with a subject from January until February and so on. The course week was not very busy in terms of timetables because most of the time a week was about 8 hours of face-to-face classes.  Outside of class we had to read books, which can take a lot of time because the books are quite thick.  In terms of activities for international students in the city there are many places to go out like the Grant or the Banken which are bars/nightclubs where we all meet. The university is planning a week of integration with the international students which is really good with lots of activities like bowling or meals together. Then there are many sports offered throughout the week there is something for everyone. Finally two trips are proposed: one in Lapland for 580€ (snowmobile, sled dog, sauna, and we had the chance to see the Northern Lights), the second is a cruise in April Stockholm - Helsinki that we unfortunately didn't have time to do, this trip is more affordable: 200€.


The Swedish atmosphere, the mood is peaceful. Swedes are very polite and respectful, in public places as well as at the university they are always ready to help and understand that we don't speak the language of their country. They are very nice and much less moaning.
The healthy student/teacher relationships : students are more than respectful and teachers are very much present for their students. The planning of courses, generally we had one course per month.


The coronavirus crisis occurred during our exchange in Sweden, so we were not able to benefit from our experience as a whole. Many students had to return to their home countries because of health safety measures. As a result, we were only able to experience a small part of what we should have discovered.
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