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Ashoka - La Haye
International, Vie étudiante
mobilité stage Grenoble IAE - pays bas


Ashoka is a huge NGO ranked each year in the top 10 most influential NGOs in the world. Ashoka builds and cultivates a community of change leaders who see that the world now requires everyone to be a change maker.
They collaborate to transform institutions and cultures worldwide, supporting change making for the good of society. Ashoka therefore needs a huge international network which involves the business, government and citizen sectors to succeed in these ambitious goals.
In a basic way Ashoka is like a dating site, which creates matches between companies who have money to invest and change makers who have a social impact project and who need money to develop it. To do so, Ashoka runs multiple ventures and fellowship programs and alliances on different themes such as education, circular economy, healthcare etc.


For my internship search, I targeted an area of particular interest for me: the social/environmental sector. I sent about twenty applications with a CV & covering email including a personalized part about the organization. I then had two interviews with Ashoka NL to discuss my missions.
Ashoka is looking for a lot of interns around the world (around 90 locations) and they usually give a lot of freedom and responsibility to the interns. (It was an unpaid internship).


They arranged for me to have mainly financial and administrative daily tasks. My main mission was to implement GDPR in the organization in collaboration with the global office based in the US and also support the organization at a 3-day international event. They are totally open to proposals according to your abilities and interests.


Visiting different cities in the Netherlands, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Delft, Leiden, Waterland villages etc. Meeting people mainly thanks to Facebook and couch surfing groups. Going to the biggest European market in the Hague. The Hague is a city where you feel good, there are different areas (business, city center for shopping, old city, huge &
cheap market) and there is also the beach. The city has a central position, it’s just 45min from Amsterdam by train and 30 minutes from Rotterdam
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