Le témoignage d'Hugo : destination Chili

Universitad del desarollo - Santiago
International, Vie étudiante, Orientation et insertion
mobilité internationale études Grenoble IAE
[Février - Juillet 2019]

My campus 

My campus was located out of the city in one of the best and most peaceful neighborhoods. Santiago is an enormous city. It takes more than an hour from the city center to get there but it is worth it. The view from the university is great. It is located on a 600m-high hill, and we could see over the city and mountains which was really nice. The university has an American-style campus. There are many cafeterias, selling all kinds of food and beverages. There is a Subway in the university and many stores selling food and drinks but also newspapers and everyday necessities.

The university has many modern buildings. The free gym located in the university makes a big difference. You can also take sports lessons weekly, mountain bike the hill above the university etc. There are also football and hockey pitches and a boxing ring. It’s a huge American campus that is completely different from the campus I’m used to studying at.

My School

The school really cares about the students especially foreign students. We have a special coordinator who helps us through everything. It can be about the university or not. Furthermore, there is a bunch of events and entertainment which adds life to the school. There were a dozen of Chilean students organizing activities for us. We could have lessons on how to cook Chilean food, free movie screenings, barbecues, hikes, bingo, parties etc. The school has a lot of partnerships helping make our experience even better. Furthermore, every student can choose to get a buddy who will help us through everything.

My courses

There are plenty of courses taught fully in English. Marketing, Finance, International Business. It is a big university known throughout the country and most of the courses I was enrolled in were taught by professionals. I appreciated their way of teaching and bringing their own experience. Most of the English courses were presentations about their start-ups.

Activities for international students

As I said, international students are a privilege for the university here and we were treated really well.
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