Le témoignage d'Aude : destination Espagne

EDEM - Spain
International, Vie étudiante


EDEM is a nice school situated next to the beach, on the harbor. It is really a nice place to study. There was a cafeteria to eat with nice lunches and snacks, the library was open 24/7, which is nice to work in. However, we thought the rules were really strict compared to France. We had a class (Strategic Thinking) which we didn't understand the point of, we didn't feel we learned anything. Apart from that, the other classes were fine, not too difficullt, and you can choose from a large choice of classes when you arrive. Concerning the handling of Covid, EDEM reacted really fast and we started online classes quickly, with the same schedule. For exams, we and the Spanish students were not really happy about it. We felt the teachers didn't make changes to adapt to the situation, but most of all, we were filmed which is illegal because of a European law, and they lied about it (they told us all the schools in Spain did that, but none of our friends in the University of Valencia or Madrid were filmed at any point).


The welcoming team for international students was really nice and always available to help us at anytime during the semester. The international team organized a few activites for us to visit the city and discover the Fayas (an annual big event like ferrias). There were 12 international students, which is few but it allowed us to be mixed in with Spanish students, which was not the case at Valencia University. In general, the professors paid attention to us and were available to help us if we needed anything. They made sure we were mixed with Spanish students when there was group work to do. There was also a Spanish class available to improve our level, but it was for beginners in Spanish, like A1.


Valencia is really nice, it is not a big city in which you will feel oppressed, it is really airy and green. There is a 7km park built in a former river that crosses the whole city. There is a beach. There a really nice old center. It is a human-sized city but big enough to find whatever you like, there is something for eveyone. We couldn't do it because of Covid, but Fayas is a big cultural party over several days. The climate is also really nice.


There isn't anything we disliked about Valencia, but also maybe because, due to Covid, we didn't stay long enough to really spot anything we didn't like.
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