Le témoignage d'Amandine : destination Autriche

University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria - Austria
International, Vie étudiante


The university is located in a small city in Austria. I walked to school every day. The campus is near the city center, with a cool environment. There is the river in the city which passes just near the school. The city is surrounded by mountains, it is easy to go hiking or skiing during winter. The school doesn't have a lot of students and the campus is not too big, so it is less stressful than bigger ones and it is easier to get to know people.


There is not a specific cursus which international students have to follow. I could choose the courses I want from a big list. Some courses are just for international students so you are not with Austrian students. There are limited places for each course and there is a specific period to register but if you make your choices at the beginning of the period you will have the courses you want. The first week was an integration week for international students. The campus was presented with online tools to follow the courses, everything was explained very clearly. Some Austrian students were in charge of this week and they also asked us if we wanted them to organize activities in order to discover Austrian culture. I didn't go to these activities but I know they did some and they were cool.


The country is very calm and beautiful, and the city center is very old. Also there are the mountains which was really great for me. The last point is that those responsible for international students are really kind and understanding, there is a lot of communication so I never felt lost, even during the Coronavirus crisis. The university handled it very well.


I don't really have any negative points about my trip, just the fact that Coronavirus made my stay shorter and I just stayed there 3 weeks. But I think this university is a good one to go to.
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