M2 Advanced Research in Marketing

The Master of “Advanced Research in Marketing” program proposes training in research techniques and methods, as well as in-depth theoretical knowledge in marketing. Exclusively centered on aspects of research methodology and the development of advanced scientific knowledge in marketing, it guarantees the acquisition of an excellent understanding of the research process and a high level of specialized knowledge in marketing. The doctoral program of Management Sciences of Grenoble (EDSG) provides an opportunity for students wishing to pursue a doctoral Degree (PhD) to continue their studies after the Master’s program.


Training in high-level research exclusively centered on marketing

The "Advanced Research in Marketing” specialty assures excellent research training through various courses and seminars intended to provide the needed knowledge and know-how regarding general research methodology, and methods and techniques for qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis. The writing of summaries, literature reviews, proposals for articles and, above all, a research-based Master’s thesis enables students to become aware of all aspects of research work. The Master’s thesis is also an opportunity, especially for students wishing to pursue a Doctoral Degree, to test their skills, competencies, and motivation in the context of an autonomous research project conducted with the help of a thesis supervisor chosen by the student and on a topic also determined by the student in agreement with his/her supervisor.

This specialty also helps students acquire cutting-edge scientific knowledge in marketing, in particular via the study and analysis of articles published in the best international scientific journals. The program is designed to encourage students to enrich their understanding of marketing concepts and underlying theories in order to develop a true expertise and a critical vision of the marketing field. This immersion in marketing is also an advantage for students who successfully complete the program and wish to pursue a career in marketing or consulting. It could also facilitate the preparation of a competitive exam for teaching in secondary education (CAPET or Agrégation du secondaire).

An active and stimulating “flipped teaching” environment to develop critical thinking and synthesis skills

The "Advanced Research in Marketing” specialty proposes a pedagogical approach which distinguishes itself clearly from traditional approaches generally used in higher education. An innovative “learning by doing” approach, in which the student achieves a high competence in marketing through practice and research activities, is used as part of a structured learning process. The teaching environment, based on outstanding research and the newest scientific advances, allows students to develop and use core research skills that are important in both the professional and academic world. Indeed, it is designed to enable the students to master concepts that will be discussed, analyzed, debated during class sessions. The students will confront these notions with their existing core knowledge, enrich them with their own work and will learn to summarize them, particularly in the “Grand Oral” (final oral exam) perspective. Therefore, students are responsible for providing knowledge in each advanced course. The professor in charge of the course has only a role of facilitator, catalyst of ideas and, if necessary, refocuses on specific achievements. The intellectual requirement is demanding and challenging, and students are thus asked to be active through their readings, presentations of articles, presentations of literature, exchanges around the analysis of specific scientific work, etc.
Everything contributes to enhance their personal capacity for analysis and reflection, their critical thinking and ability to summarize. These qualities are particularly sought-after by consulting firms in Marketing. They also foster success in competitive examinations of secondary education, as do the numerous presentations, as well as the “Grand Oral” (final oral exam) and the defense of the thesis, which are indeed excellent ways to get ready for the oral tests in those competitions. Furthermore, the participation to an annual project of research based on different courses is jointly conducted with the students of the "Marketing Quanti" specialty. This leads students to develop their personal organization, reactivity, ability to work under strict time constraints, respect for deadlines, but also teamwork.

An experienced and high-quality faculty staff

All teachers involved in the “Advanced Research in Marketing” specialty are experienced teachers and researchers, who are used to leading research projects and scientific conferences in major international congresses, publishing in scientific journals, and supervising PhD students. Their expertise and their know-how in these domains enable them to provide students with a fine understanding of what research in Marketing is and of the scientific knowledge which it engenders. Through their experience of doctoral student supervision, their regular participation in doctoral defenses and their ability to supervise research works (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches or HDR), the professors of the program are particularly competent and successful in the supervision of students throughout their course of studies, and particularly for the writing of their Master’s thesis. The faculty members providing classes in the “Advanced Research in Marketing” specialty are all active members of the research center CERAG which benefits from the support of the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) and which figures among the leading research centers in Management in France. They are also greatly involved in activities of academic and scientific bodies, associations and journals in their field of specialization.

A favored access to the Doctoral College in Management Sciences (EDSG) for a doctoral course

When students meet all the requirements (that is being awarded at least 12/20 in their Master’s thesis and securing supervision of their doctoral dissertation with a professor of the team), the “Advanced Research in Marketing” specialty allows them to have direct access to the Doctoral College in Management Sciences (EDSG No. 275) of Université Grenoble-Alpes. This doctoral (PhD) program provides complementary training in research over the three years of the writing of a doctoral dissertation. The defense of the doctoral dissertation leads to the degree of Doctor in Management Sciences.
The Doctoral College in Management Sciences (EDSG) includes a hundred doctoral students. It attributes grants to students on various criteria such as the excellence of the previous training program, the mobility of the student or his/her scientific theme. These grants allow students to be paid during their three years at EDSG.

Enviable working and living facilities

  • Modern, well-equipped, buildings especially in IT resources (hardware and diverse data analysis software), within Grenoble IAE School of Management.
  • An access to bibliographic databases facilitating research work and the presence of a library specialized in the different domains of management sciences within Grenoble IAE School of Management.
  • An exceptional on-campus student life, in a preserved natural environment, enabling the practice of a variety of sports, even at a world-class leve.
  • Many student clubs livening everyday student life.

This program is for you...

Students possessing a Master’s degree first year, preferably with a basic training in marketing / management (master 1, business schools, management schools, etc.), are invited to apply. The “Advanced Research in Marketing” specialization is also open to students from engineering schools, agronomy, pharmacy, political studies, psychology, sociology, foreign languages applied to management, etc. The diversity of courses is appreciated in this specialty, since the marketing is, by its very nature, a discipline opened to many other sciences (psychology, sociology, philosophy, economics, etc.).
The program being completely taught in English, the integration of foreign students is facilitated, providing however that they master the English language.

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Publié le  25 mai 2016
Mis à jour le 8 mars 2021