European Master in Customer Relationship Marketing (MERCURI)


We are offering a European Master's program in Customer Relationship Marketing  (MERCURI).
MERCURI is an integrated European Master's Program, jointly developed and implemented by four European universities: Katowice University of Economics (Poland)*, Grenoble INP Institute of Engineering and Management, Université Grenoble Alpes (France), Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany), Universidad Cardenal Herrera (Spain). The Mercuri Master's degree is taught over four semesters, with students spending one semester in each of the partner countries. Students who successfully pass all the exams will graduate from Grenoble IAE and one of the partner universities.

Taking full advantage of the development of Big Data to get to know customers better while maintaining human contact and creating value for all stakeholders are two contradictory injunctions that Marketing has to face nowadays. Therefore, creating and nurturing strong relations with customers is a crucial issue for Marketing today.

The MERCURI focuses on Relationship Marketing. Its goal is to train marketing experts, capable of understanding the challenges of relations with customers, defining strategies in this field, and implementing them in an intercultural context by critically addressing the nature of relationships between customers and companies.


MERCURI has some unique features:

  • Its specialization in customer relationship management in an international context
  • An inherently multicultural perspective, gained through four semesters of study in four different countries
  • Two Master’s degrees, one from Poland, one from France

Plus, a number of other strong points:

  • A program entirely taught in English and the possibility to study up to three other foreign languages, even as a beginner
  • A training philosophy that combines the most demanding academic rigor with a concern for the professionalization of students (through group projects, a consulting project and an internship)
  • An experienced and high-quality faculty staff. Most of the lecturers involved in the MERCURI program are seasoned experts in their domain. Many regularly publish internationally in scientific marketing journals and supervise PhDs. Their theoretical insights and critical view of marketing practice give great value to their contribution. This value is then complemented by the practical dimension provided by numerous business experts, invited as guest speakers.


Semester 7 (Katowice)

Core courses (45 hours each)

  • Psychology and sociology of consumption
  • World and European economics
  • Consumer behavior
  • Consumer law and consumer protection
  • Cross-cultural competences

Soft skills courses (30 hours each)

  • Communication skills
  • Foreign language 

Semester 8 (Grenoble)

Core courses

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • CSR and Business ethics
  • Consumer to consumer relationships in networks
  • Services marketing
  • Experiential marketing

Soft skills

  • Leadership skills
  • Foreign language 

Semester 9 (Aschaffenburg)

Core courses

  • Marketing research and data
  • Mining
  • International digital economy
  • Corporate communication
  • Advanced international marketing

Soft skills

  • Intercultural skills
  • Foreign language

Semester 10 (Valencia)

Core training
  • Master thesis
  • Consultancy project
  • Internship (16 weeks minimum)
Soft skills
  • Foreign language

Recruitment campaign and targeted students

Selection and enrollment of students is managed by our partners in Katowice.
The recruitment campaign runs from May to September
Targeted students own a bachelor’s degree, preferably in Economics and Management, but the program is also open to students with scientific, literary, legal, sociology or psychology backgrounds, provided that they demonstrate a real interest in (relationship) marketing. Having some initial experience (internship, summer job, study project, etc.) in this area will be an asset. Candidates should also demonstrate a genuine interest in the international dimension of management, have a cosmopolitan profile and a very good command of English.


First Year
University of Economics, Katowice, Poland (semester 7)
Grenoble IAE, Grenoble INP-UGA, France (semester 8)
Second year
University of Applied Sciences, Aschaffenburg, Germany (semester 9)
University CEU Cardinal Herrera, Valencià, Spain (semester 10)
Publié le  13 mai 2020
Mis à jour le 26 octobre 2023