Application calendar

  • Applications for the following full-English programs are being accepted from June 25th till July 2nd, 2019
  • Interviews will take place on July 11th & 12th, 2019
  • Selection results will be published in July 15th 2019
Grenoble IAE offers 4 Master's level programs (2nd year or M2) taught entirely in English.  See below for complete information about how and when to apply.
  Click here for information about how to apply for degree programs (L3, M1 & M2) offered in French.

Admission Process

On-line Application to determine Eligibility

International students residing in a country with a Center for French Studies (Centre pour les Etudes en France, CEF) must complete their validation of studies request (along with the general admissions process) via the Campus France website.

Otherwise, students must apply using eCandidat according to the recrutement calendar.
If students meet the prerequisites and are deemed eligible for the program, they are then invited for an interview with a panel of faculty and professionals in the field. During this interview students will be expected to explain their academic and professional paths, their motivations for choosing this program, and their professional goals related to this program.  Interviews may be arranged via Skype if the student does not currently reside in France and is unable to attend in person.

The application file will be reviewed by an Admission Board made up of teachers from the program.

Admission Prerequisites

Any student wishing to apply for admission to a Master’s degree program (2nd year or M2) must show proof of the following:

Validation of Studies

The following types of prior studies can be validated without the review board:

  • First year of Master's degree studies;
  • Diploma equal to bac+4 from a French or European university (minimum of 240 ECTS credits); OR
  • Engineering Diploma recognized by the Commission du Titre d'Ingénieur.
All other prior studies are submitted for validation by a committee.

Please note: International students residing in a country with a Center for French Studies (Centre pour les Etudes en France, CEF) must complete their validation of studies request (along with the general admissions process) via the Campus France website.

Language Proficiency

International students applying for IAE programs offered in French must provide a French proficiency report (minimum B2 from the CEFR).  Students applying for full English programs do not need to provide this certification.

All students applying for admission to Grenoble IAE must provide the results of an English Language test, UNLESS:

  • You are a native English speaker
  • Your entire degree was taught in English.

If you fall into one of these categories, you must include a statement explaining why you’re not sending the results of an English test.

Students who do not meet one of the two above criteria must provide the results of an English test taken within the past 24 months.  Students must be at a B2 level in order to be accepted to the full English programs.  The following tests are accepted: TOEIC, TOEFL, BULATS, IELTS, CLES, PTE, FSI, DCL, Cambridge ESOL, ou Erasmus+ OLS.  No other tests are accepted.

If you are not able to send the results of an English test when you start the application process, you must provide proof of registration for a test. Results of your exam must be submitted before the day of your interview or you will not be considered for the program.

Oral language proficiency will also be tested during the interview.

Application Timeline

Applications for the M2 programs in English are only accepted for the complete academic year (September to April).  No January or second semester start date is possible.  Students should apply using the following timeline:
Opening of a second application period for:
- M2 : Advance in Finance and Accounting
- M2 : International Manager
- M2 : Advanced research in marketing
- M2 : Advanced ReseArch in Management of Information Systems
eCandidat Application Opens eCandidat Application Closes Interview Acceptance Notification
April 15, 2019 May 05, 2019 Early June 2019 Mid June 2019
second application period June 25, 2019 July 2, 2019 July 11 & 12, 2019 July 15, 2019

Program Costs

Traditional (full-time) students at Grenoble IAE must pay the mandatory registration fees for Master's Programs which are determined by the Minister of Higher Education and Research.  The rate in 2019-2020 was 243 €. 

In addition, students who have had a break (of more than two years) in their studies will be classified as continuing education students and will pay the 2500 € mandatory fee.

Be careful, for 2019-20 the UGA doesn't apply costs according to your country of origin. The tuition costs are only based on your status : whether you're a student or someone going back to studying after a break.


If you have limited resources, you might be granted a scholarship based on social criteria to help pay for your studies.  Scholarship requests must be submitted between January 15th and April 30th through the CROUS website.

In addition, many international students apply for scholarships through programs in their home country or through CampusFrance.  Grenoble IAE does not offer additional scholarships for international students.