Why choose Grenoble IAE?

Choose to study at Grenoble IAE and you'll take advantage of all of the features of a quality management school, including: comfortable facilities, personalized support, and professional networking.  At the same time you will have access to the many services of a large public university on an exceptional campus.  You get the best of both worlds!

A practical pedagogical approach in line with businesses

Grenoble IAE aligns its programs with the needs of businesses, placing special emphasis on applied learning. Thanks to its business connections, its large pool of affiliated professors, and its alumni network, IAE maintains ongoing relations with leading businesses through research groups, improvement committees, university-business chairs, industry workshops (for example, on negotiation, entrepreneurship, or purchasing), internship forums, and conferences: there’s stimulating activity all year long at Grenoble IAE! .

A personalized approach to study

With employability at the core of its mission, Grenoble IAE offers personalized professional support. Advising and orienting students to maximize a student's potential is one of the major preoccupations of the school’s pedagogical team. Thanks to its multi-disciplinary approach and to its connection with the professional world, Grenoble IAE combines a range of competencies, encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation.

A strong international focus

Grenoble IAE has a longtanding tradition of cooperation with business schools around the world; notably in Brazil, China, Indonesia and Russia.  Every year, more than 500 students from 70 different countries are enrolled at Grenoble IAE.  In addition, Grenoble IAE students can take advantage of one of the many international exchange programs to spend a semester or a year studying or completing an internship outside of France. Or choose to become more internationally focused right here in Grenoble by enrolling in one of the five M2 programs offered wholly in English. 

A welcoming environment and fantastic facilities

Grenoble IAE welcomes you with modern and fully equipped buildings, both in Grenoble and in Valence. Exceptional on-campus student life, in a preserved natural environment, allows students to practice a variety of sports—and in some cases, even at a world-class level. There are a number of student clubs at IAE to liven and enrich daily student life. These include AIESEC, Junior Enterprise, and clubs promoting humanitarian projects.

The IAE brand - An important network!

Grenoble IAE belongs to the network IAE FRANCE, University Schools of Management. This network of 35 school includes more than more than 30 bachelor, master, and PhD programmes in Management and unites 49,500 students.  IAE France is an important network of professionals and a sign of quality.

Published on  June 7, 2016
Updated on June 15, 2022