International Mobility Photo Contest - 2023


« My international mobility in pictures »

Competition from July 2023 to September 14, 2023
Grenoble IAE - INP's International Relations Department is organizing its 12th " My international mobility in pictures " photo contest.
The competition is an invitation to students who have taken part in an international mobility program (study semester, internship, gap year) during the 2022-2023 academic year, to share their views on their international experience through their photographs.

2 Categories – 2 winners – and two prizes!

Category 1 : My Best Souvenir

Share a photo of a highlight of your experience abroad: a landscape that made an impression on you, a photo illustrating a custom or tradition, a special moment shared with friends.... It's all about sharing an emotion, a favorite moment, to inspire other students to try the experience.

Category 2: Grenoble IAE - INP on the road

Have you proudly represented our school during your stay abroad and taken photos where the Grenoble IAE - INP mascot or a goodie is visible? Share your experience with us.
Winning prize: 1 Interrail Global Pass for 4 days' travel in Europe over 1 month.
Details of the Interrail Pass will be announced at the prize-giving ceremony in October.
Finalists prizes: finalists will receive their photo printed in small format.

Terms and Conditions

Entrants must submit their photos via this link :
  1. You can submit a maximum of 3 photos, but can only win one prize.
  2. Photos must be submitted in JPG format with a minimum resolution of 1 MB.
  3. For each work submitted, name the file "Category_LAST_Name_City or country" (e.g. "IAE_DUPONT_jean_Vietnam" or "SOUVENIR_DUPONT_Jean_China").
  4. Each work submitted must be accompanied by a Word document indicating the title of the photo, a brief description (country, place, people present, action, etc.), and a testimonial of 50 words max.
  5. To increase your chances of being among the finalists, we encourage you to submit photos in both categories.

Transfer of image rights

Assignment of rights
By entering this competition, students grant Grenoble IAE - INP permission to use their names, photos and testimonials in any format, by any means and without restriction as to time of publication or territory, for advertising purposes or otherwise. The works will be used with the greatest respect, both for the author and for the people appearing in the photos. Participants must guarantee to the contest organizers that the photos submitted do not in any way infringe the rights of third parties.
Should a participant decide for serious reasons to withdraw his or her authorization for the distribution of his or her work, he or she must notify the Grenoble IAE - INP International Relations Department in writing. Upon receipt of this notice, Grenoble IAE - INP undertakes not to distribute or authorize the distribution of these works.

Respect for privacy
Les photos mettant en scène des personnes mineures seront étudiées avec une attention particulière. Les conditions de respect de la vie privée et de la dignité humaine doivent être respectées. Tous les étudiants devront confirmer avoir obtenu le consentement des personnes représentées sur leurs photos ou celui de leurs parents ou de leur tuteur, le cas échéant.

Modalités de Sélection

A jury made up of 3 to 5 people (Grenoble IAE - INP administrative staff, teachers and students) will select the finalist photos, which will be printed by Grenoble IAE - INP and distributed via Instagram and through posters on the Grenoble IAE - INP premises during the coming academic year 2023-24. The selection criteria are:
  • Originality of the subject
  • Emotion expressed
  • Technical quality
  • Testimonial quality
  • Framing, use of light and color
The finalist photos will be submitted to online voting. The dates and conditions of the voting period will be announced later on this page and on the Grenoble IAE, INP-UGA Instagram account. Prizes will be awarded to the photos receiving the highest number of votes on the electronic platform dedicated to this competition.
Winners will be chosen after verification of eligibility. Designated participants will be contacted by e-mail by the Organizer. If a participant does not respond within one month of this e-mail being sent, he/she will be deemed to have renounced his/her prize and the prize will remain the property of the Organizer.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the International Relations Department by e-mail at
Published on  July 18, 2023
Updated on July 18, 2023