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Accolade/Award Sustainable development
May 9, 2022 - May 11, 2022
Two students from Grenoble IAE - INP, UGA compete for the grand final of the Aim2Flourish 2022 international selection of the most inspiring sustainable innovation stories.
We are proud to announce that among the 84 finalists for the Flourish 2022 awards, a sustainable innovation article was written by our L3 Management students, Lina Riemeier and Yasmine Bounouara, under the guidance of their professor Béatrice Le Moing.

Flourish award

The 17 Flourish Awards, are presented annually to business leaders who play a role in achieving the United Nations' Global Goals for Sustainable Development - one for each Sustainable Development Goal. The 17 winners are chosen from stories of sustainable innovation discovered and published by students around the world.

"Less pesticides, more sustainability in agriculture"

It is the title of the article written by Yasmine and Lina to present E-Gleek, an innovation of Thierry Corbiere, director of the company ADVANSEE.
E-Gleek is a connected leaf that analyzes the amount of insects present on an agricultural plot throughout the year. 
The purpose of this innovation is to reduce the use of phytosanitary products used in agriculture and to promote the implementation of alternative solutions, in particular the use of beneficial insects to combat pests.
Their paper was selected from 685 papers written by student authors from 28 different countries.

Check out their article
Congratulations to both of you for this journey and good luck for the final! 
Published on  May 13, 2022
Updated on  May 13, 2022