Terms of access

Grenoble Library

The consultation is free for all users. All documents can be borrowed for a variable period of time depending on the category of user, except for journals which can only be borrowed for one week:
  • Unlimited number of documents / 5 weeks – for students, doctoral students, teachers, staff, and guests and contributors of Grenoble IAE, Grenoble INP, UGA
  • 4 documents / 3 weeks for other users (after registration at the BU Droit et Lettres or the BU Joseph Fourrier)

Valence Library

Registration is free: the student/staff card allows the borrowing of documents in all the BUs of Valence and Grenoble. External readers can get a library card (paying) at the BU Rodolphe Pesce.
The loans are unlimited, for a variable duration according to the user category:
  • 4 weeks (renewable 4 weeks) for students of DUT and Bachelor (Licence).
  • 6 weeks (renewable 4 weeks) for Master students, teachers and administrative staff.
Published on  December 14, 2022
Updated on December 14, 2022