Grenoble INP's Graduate School of Management

As the Graduate School of Management at Grenoble INP - UGA, Grenoble IAE's mission is to train and develop both specialized managers and dual-competence managers. To fulfill its mission, IAE draws from hands-on practical expertise and world-class management researchers.

Grenoble IAE develops talent:

  • At undergraduate (3rd year) and graduate (M1 & M2) levels;
  • In full-time study programs, in work+study programs, and in executive education programs;
  • In Marketing, Management, Finance, Information System Management, Innovation Management, and Technology.

Innovation and progress in management practices at the heart of IAE's vision

Grenoble IAE's approach is based on continuous applied research, coupled with a relentless desire to network with the business world. The abundant energy of its researchers in management sciences, the strong partnerships it maintains with engineering schools, the practical initiatives it sponsors in support of entrepreneurship, and (let's not forget) the highly qualified graduates it produces year after year—all of these factors contribute to enhanced innovation for all players in the ecosytem. Whether from a financial perspective, or from the point of view of economics, societial well-being, and innovation, Grenoble IAE has already had a significant impact on its ecosystem by spreading international recognition. At the heart of a world-renowned ecosystem, IAE's vision is to be a leader in innovation and a standard-bearer of progress in management practices.
Published on  June 7, 2016
Updated on January 6, 2023