Grenoble IAE is back at school!

September 6, 2021 - September 30, 2021
In the last few days, our international students, 3rd-year degree students, 1st-year and some 2nd-year Master's students have gone back to school on both the Grenoble and Valence campuses.

Back to school ! 

It is a real pleasure to start this new academic year on-site, for what we hope will be a nearly normal year.
Our students were busy with a welcome speech by the Dean, a presentation of Grenoble IAE and chats with Alumni !
Many thanks to the student organizations for their participation.
Intervenants L3Intervenants M1
Assos rentréeSpeech mascotte

As a bonus, thanks to the local tv station France 3 for its report on the beginning of the school year, which you can discover below.
You can see our students from 06:00 onwards !
Published on  September 7, 2021
Updated on September 7, 2021